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Unfortunately, these days, it's not uncommon for a customer to fail to get on Kraken the first time. This is due to the fact that many experienced hackers and representatives of special services strive to “break” the trading platform every day. As you understand, the activities of the KRAKEN site are prohibited in the CIS, and the database of sellers and site users would become a real bomb in the hands of strangers. How many people would have suffered if information about money, purchases and communication on the kraken got into the public field.

All DDoS attacks on the Kraken onion resource end with a temporary blocking of the trading platform and its subsequent restoration. By the way, during the year of the existence of the platform, the personal data of not a single person was obtained by pests).
In order to ensure that visitors can safely continue to use the site during the moments of destabilization of the official site of Kraken, a system of mirrors was developed. In fact, this is the same resource, only multiplied on different domains. By accessing the mirror, you get a full package of Kraken features and full access to your personal account. Shop, chat and feel at home - all functions are open to you.